Collect valuable user feedback with feature voting 💬

Upvoty by Mike (@startupwithmike) from The Netherlands.


What’s your motivation for creating your product?

Getting feedback from customers is an essential and valuable way to optimize your product. I’ve created Upvoty because I needed a way to collect feedback from users from my other startup, Vindy, so we can optimize the product and serve our customers the best way possible.


What are your product features?

Easy to install boards where users can submit new feature requests. With the feature voting functionality, other users can upvote or discuss on certain requests. This way you’ll always know which features will please a lot of users, instead of just that one user who’s requested it.


When did you launch?

1 December 2018 rocket


Where did you launch?

We’ve launched for the companies who’ve signed up for our beta. And also on Indiehackers, where we also share our revenue.


How did your launch go?

We now have over 50 trials running and already 5 paid customers with recurring revenue of $150 a month.


Any specific launch tips? Or things you would do differently?

I think the best way to launch is to launch small. So, before our launch, we’ve collected a lot of sign ups via our own social media channels (especially via our maker’s Instagram) and this way we already had some great first trial users and even a few paid customers. The amount of feedback we are receiving at the moment from those first users has so much value we can use to optimize the product!


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