Arrange board game events with friends 🎮


Game Night Invite by Joy Friberg (@ojoyoj) from Stockholm, Sweden is an application for friends who want to arrange boardgame events. Every member of the event can add games they own or create an event of their own and invite others. Members can vote on which game they want to play and before the event, all members can see the top-voted games and who should bring them.


What’s your motivation for creating your product?

The idea came to me after my last game event, I was bringing games to the party but none of them were played. Also during the event there was always a question after each time we finished a game, which game should we play now?


What are your product features?

Game Night Invite’s features are game search via BoardGameGeek’s API, event creation, email invite and game vote in event details amongst the invited.



When did you launch?

I launched it on a Sunday on the 18th of November 2018 as a part of a contest to create a startup live on Twitch in 24 hours. The current (22th Nov) should be considered as an MVP.


Where did you launch?

I only launched it through my social media platforms Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.


How did your launch go?

I can’t say that the launch went well. I got most of the site visitors through my tweet, which of today (22th Nov) has been viewed 3048 times. That number was a record for me since I didn’t use Twitter that much (but I do now!). I got surprised since I only have 78 followers on Twitter.

The site has had 211 unique visitors and here are the stats from social media:

Twitter (78 followers): 79

Facebook (442 friends): 47

Linkedin (528 contacts): 17

I don’t know where the rest of the visitors came from.

Out of 211 unique visitors, only 8 unique accounts have been created. That is 3,8% av all people that visit the site that takes the time to register and actually play around with the application.

Since it is only an MVP or prototype I don’t charge anything for it and I will probably not do that until the number of users has increased so much my costs go up. The only extra cost was 14 USD for the domain. I already had a server I was paying for that I could use.


Any specific launch tips? Or things you would do differently?

If the application needs a registration and a login, you should make the friction as low as possible. I believe my number of users had been higher if I had let them try the application beforehand instead of only see the landing page and asking for registration.  Also, make sure it is mobile friendly if you intend to launch it through social media since many people use their phone for that.