Manage all your recruitment work in one place 👩‍💻👨‍💻

Recruit CRM by Shoanak Mallapurkar (@shoanak1) from Cupertino.


Recruit CRM helps recruiters and staffing firms manage all their work in one place. We help recruiters do everything from managing candidates, sending & receiving an email to collaborating with your teammates and collecting interviewer feedback, Recruit CRM lets you do everything. Automate repetitive tasks and spend your time doing what matters: Filling Positions.  


What’s your motivation for creating your product?

We wanted to make recruiting easy. The life of a recruiter is hard. Between calling & emailing candidates, who always seem to respond late, dealing with clients with insane expectations and coordinating with both these people to schedule interviews that don’t get canceled, life is hard. If that wasn’t enough, recruiters still have to keep a track of all their candidates that were placed, figure out how much to bill clients and then generate an invoice. If you’re dealing with contract staff, billing becomes even more painful. 


What are your product features?

– Applicant Tracking System

– Customer Relationship Management

– Boolean Search

– Invoice Management

– Resume Parser

– Email Client

– Jobs Management

– Integrations (G Suite, Zoho, Outlook)

– Reports & Dashboard

– Team Management

– Customizations


When did you launch?

November 2017


Where did you launch?

We announced our launch on Social Media Platforms & Email. There was no specific website as such dedicated for launch. You can check our social media handles! 


Any specific launch tips? Or things you would do differently?

We launched beta at first and then moved to the stable version, overall we have close to 968+ users from 70+ countries, all of that within 1 year. 

Analytics for your Ghost blog 👻

Ghostboard by David Burgos (@daburix) from Spain


What’s your motivation for creating your product?

When I moved my blog from WordPress to Ghost I missed some stats I think are important when blogging, so I started to build something for myself and then I turn it into a product for everyone else.


What are your product features?

– Instant setup: just paste a line in your Ghost admin and it’s done

– GDPR compliant and cookie-free, out-the-box

– Don’t need Google Analytics or whatever, it just work and you get all their analytics like Live or Content reports.

– Also exclusive blog-focused analytics for Posts, Pages, Tags, post per month, best time to post, much more and more incoming!


When did you launch?



Where did you launch?


Hacker News

Product Hunt 


How did your launch go?

– 110 upvotes on Product Hunt

– Frontpage on Hacker News on 10th August, at 11:16 AM ES Position #16

– Almost 6K visits

– 20 signups

– 8 blogs setup it

– Then 3 customers, $15 MRR

It’s funny because some days ago I launched the 2.0 version and get shitty metrics 🤯🤷‍♂️


Any specific launch tips? Or things you would do differently?

– The more you launch, the better your launch is

– Don’t worry about metrics in general platforms, unless your target audience is there.

– Neither don’t worry if don’t get noise in the press and social media. At all. I also got some likes and mentions but no signups. In the end, I prefer silence and signups.

– Only worry about what your customers say and especially, what they do (pay, cancel, retention, come back, etc.)

Email collector ✉️ with a viral engine for indie devs 🛠️ making MVPs

Tuemilio by Domingo Mancera (@manceraio) from Barcelona.



“Users can contact me on twitter with the keyword “MakerLaunches” and I’ll extend their free trial period for 2 months” – Domingo 😀


What’s your motivation for creating your product?

I built Tuemilio as a result of a failed side-project and in turn, decided to “productize” it as users become interested.


What are your product features?

Email lead form with a referral engine.


When did you launch?

22 October 2018.


Where did you launch?

Product Hunt


How did your launch go?

🏆 #3 Product of the Day

🔼 480+ upvotes

📈 2.3k visits

👤 129 registered users

📝 106 forms created

✉️ 1.9k emails collected

🤑 2 paying customers & 1 churn


Any specific launch tips? Or things you would do differently?

Use gifts and animations. Belong to a community and contribute to it.

Get real feedback 🔥 and opinions 🎯 from expert users for your product, design or idea!

roastMe by J.P. Aulet (@jp_aulet) from Barcelona


What’s your motivation for creating your product?

I constantly need feedback for my ideas, MVPs & projects. I found a lot of other people looking for feedback in HackerNews, Twitter, IndieHackers, etc but not in one a specific platform.

I wanted to help makers, solo-entrepreneurs, designers, etc. to receive feedback & opinions and expert reviews in areas they don’t dominate like SEO, security, marketing or web development.


When did you launch?

This week (23th Oct).



How did your launch go?

180 upvotes on PH

+54 registered users

+6 experts submitted

+11 products submitted

+2 paying users (19.98$ profit)

800 unique users


Any specific launch tips? Or things you would do differently?

I made some mistakes and tried to solve them in production while launching. Some users complained about the site not working (maybe due the traffic or my deployment).

Try to avoid this and check the server performance.

Also prepare some swag for launch day (images, logo, etc.), be receptive and don’t stress too much 😉