Collect feedback from your mobile app users in real time 📲

PopBack by Melih Mucuk (@baymucuk) from Istanbul, TR.


PopBack is a framework for collecting feedback from your mobile app users in real time. You can create a form with custom style, push it to your users and collect feedbacks. PopBack currently works on React Native. We’re planning to add native iOS and Android support after the beta stage.


What’s your motivation for creating your product?

We built PopBack for our needs, we used and tested it own mobile apps. Then want to launch for everyone. Getting feedbacks from mobile app users is really tough. And feedbacks are very important for mobile apps.


What are your product features?

* Send a feedback form lightning fast! Online users get your form instantly.
* You can tag users and send specific forms to tagged users.
* Adapt to your app! Design your form with custom colors and font family.


When did you launch?



Where did you launch?

On Maker’s Kitchen (Slack)
On Twitter
On React Native Community (Facebook)


How did your launch go?

It’s quite silent. We got 50 visitors until right now.


Any specific launch tips? Or things you would do differently?

We offer lifetime 20% discount to overall packages during the beta stage.