Arrange board game events with friends 🎮


Game Night Invite by Joy Friberg (@ojoyoj) from Stockholm, Sweden is an application for friends who want to arrange boardgame events. Every member of the event can add games they own or create an event of their own and invite others. Members can vote on which game they want to play and before the event, all members can see the top-voted games and who should bring them.


What’s your motivation for creating your product?

The idea came to me after my last game event, I was bringing games to the party but none of them were played. Also during the event there was always a question after each time we finished a game, which game should we play now?


What are your product features?

Game Night Invite’s features are game search via BoardGameGeek’s API, event creation, email invite and game vote in event details amongst the invited.



When did you launch?

I launched it on a Sunday on the 18th of November 2018 as a part of a contest to create a startup live on Twitch in 24 hours. The current (22th Nov) should be considered as an MVP.


Where did you launch?

I only launched it through my social media platforms Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.


How did your launch go?

I can’t say that the launch went well. I got most of the site visitors through my tweet, which of today (22th Nov) has been viewed 3048 times. That number was a record for me since I didn’t use Twitter that much (but I do now!). I got surprised since I only have 78 followers on Twitter.

The site has had 211 unique visitors and here are the stats from social media:

Twitter (78 followers): 79

Facebook (442 friends): 47

Linkedin (528 contacts): 17

I don’t know where the rest of the visitors came from.

Out of 211 unique visitors, only 8 unique accounts have been created. That is 3,8% av all people that visit the site that takes the time to register and actually play around with the application.

Since it is only an MVP or prototype I don’t charge anything for it and I will probably not do that until the number of users has increased so much my costs go up. The only extra cost was 14 USD for the domain. I already had a server I was paying for that I could use.


Any specific launch tips? Or things you would do differently?

If the application needs a registration and a login, you should make the friction as low as possible. I believe my number of users had been higher if I had let them try the application beforehand instead of only see the landing page and asking for registration.  Also, make sure it is mobile friendly if you intend to launch it through social media since many people use their phone for that.

Working Hard & Smart

We all live in the same world with unlimited possibilities but how we perceive that world is wildly different from person to person.

There are millions of ways you can complete your own task list, whether it’s through tackling the most difficult tasks in the morning, hiring an assistant, focusing on batches of tasks in the evening power hour or completing all tasks that take less than 2 minutes immediately.

All of this takes time. We try to squeeze as much as we can into one day, reading as many productivity articles as we can looking for tips and shortcuts. While that’s not a bad strategy at all, we must remember that it’s not all about time. It’s all about energy and focus.


Work smarter, not harder.

Decide what’s important right now because in five, ten or fifteen years you will be more disappointed by what you have not done, rather than what you have done.

Sleep, eat well and exercise every single day of your life. Each night the quality of your sleep will affect your focus the following day, your eating habits will determine your energy and exercising on a regular basis will release a regular dose of endorphins in your brain and help you to achieve a healthy lifestyle.

The 2-minute rule. If any task that you have to do takes 2 minutes or less, complete it immediately. This will save you at least 4 minutes in the long run because you don’t have to make a note of the task and bare the mental strain.

The 5-minute rule. This rule dictates that for any task you do not want to work on right now but that has to get done, simply working on it for five minutes will get the ball rolling and will 9 times out of 10 lead to you working on the task for far longer than 5 minutes.

Work smarter, not harder. Focus on saving yourself time while completing tasks, instead of staying up all night. The more focused you are the smarter you will work.

Complete your most important tasks early in the morning. The more difficult and time-consuming the task is, the more mental strain it will have on you. As the day goes on we get tired, both physically and mentally, so naturally, you should complete your most important tasks when you are at your strongest.

Seinfeld’s Productivity Chain. If you want to be amazing at something you have to practice it every single day. That means you don’t take days off. Not even on Christmas.

Get as much as possible out of your head. Write down your tasks. Schedule the most repetitive tasks in your calendar. Reduce the mental strain of carrying numerous ‘mini-tasks’ in your head, simply take note and forget about them until you are ready to work on them.

Small useful habits such as 20 push-ups in the morning, picking up wholemeal bread and multiplying large numbers in your head regularly can be surprisingly empowering, extremely useful and lead to a more fulfilling lifestyle.

Use as few tools as possible in order to get your tasks done. There are thousands of online and app-based productivity tools for you to use. They all take time to get familiar with and can often waste more of your time than they are worth. Stick to simple tools such as Apple’s built-in cloud notes app that syncs across devices instead of several fancy apps than do bits and pieces.

The Pomodoro Technique advocates tackling tasks in 20-minute time frames, ignoring all other distractions such as phone calls, text messages and so on. After 3, take a break for 20 minutes. Rinse and repeat.

Routine, routine, routine. In order to reach a sustainable level of productivity, you need to incorporate your most important tasks into your daily routine. The more you work on those repetitive tasks, the faster you become at completing them.

Wear your headphones, even if you’re not listening to music. It will cancel out some of the surrounding noise for you which keeps you more focused. Otherwise, listen to some instrumental, non-lyrical music.

Constantly assess your situation. Reflect on what you are doing and whether or not it is bringing you closer to your ultimate goal.

Ship often. Simply put, that means getting your product or service out the door as often as possible. Don’t strive for the best version before you get feedback from consumers. It’s impossible. Ship often. Learn from feedback. Update and ship again.

Schedule emails to three times a day. Try your best to reach inbox zero, not leaving any emails behind to be read again later.

Schedule phone calls and text messages to three times a day. Don’t be distracted by the constant ringing of your phone, it breaks your momentum. Simply take that call later, at a time that suits your schedule.

Pressure can do wonders. You never know how strong you are until being strong is the only choice you have.

Schedule procrastination. Some of your most thought-provoking ideas will pop into your head during procrastination. Don’t limit yourself to the belief that procrastination is a bad idea.

Delete. Say no. Ignore. Stop doing everything. Take your time replying and committing to things that may not be worth your time. Only commit to meetings, work or tasks that will be of the most benefit to you.

Fake incompetence. It’s a diplomatic way to apply the previous rule!


So what’s the most important rule in this list? It’s the only one that applies to all the other rules…

Work smarter, not harder. The results compound over time and will most certainly lead to your most exceptional work.

Reasons to be Happy

You have time to do things you enjoy. Whether you enjoy vigorous sports, binge watching Netflix, reading, cooking or getting coffee with friends, you have choice and thats powerful.

You’re alive in the Computer Age. There has been so many profound advancements made in tech during the last decade. And those improvements compound over time leading to a far more exciting future. It’s an invigorating time to be alive!

You know how to take care of yourself. Some people like massages. Others like going to see a match. Cooking your favourite food or sitting down to read a book. You know what you like, and you like that you can and should take care of yourself.

You have at least one or two best friends. You know those people that you can talk to about anything. Who won’t judge or ridicule you. Who make you laugh and cry (with laughter). Yes, those people you thought of while reading this paragraph!

You’ve achieved something worthwhile. It could be that you have a job that pays enough for you to live comfortably. Maybe you were in the Olympics. You have wonderful kids. A great family. You’re the best quiz master you know, or one of the best. You have a six pack. Started a successful business. The possibilities are endless, and the more you think, the more big/small things you realise that you’ve achieved.

You can afford expensive coffee, new shoes, cinema tickets and so on. You are privileged in one way or another and you don’t live in poverty. You can treat yourself every now and then, at least. The fact is, treating yourself does not have to involve money.

You have a space of your own. It could be your office at work, your bedroom, sitting room/kitchen, your car, the gym or the local park. In that space you are completely in charge and it feels good.

You sense when somethings wrong. When your teammate is off-form. When your spouse needs a hand. When your friend/family member is worried. You’re not oblivious to the people around you and you have some sense of body language and you know what you should do in a lot of situations within a few seconds of analysis.

You’ve loved and lost. Most people have loved or at least fancied someone and some point in their past where it didn’t work out. Thats normal and necessary. You appreciate that love is a fragile thing. That you shouldn’t play with it. You’ve gained experience and you will bring that wisdom into your next relationship.

You’re a different person than you were last year. You learned so much, noticed so much, done so much that has definitely been of benefit in one way or another. Only focus on whats useful in your past, otherwise acknowledge and move on.

You are free. Even if you have kids, are married, have a large mortgage, a time-consuming job/business or all of the above. You’re free to make your own decisions. While you make many decisions to ensure not only you will benefit, you are still the one making them. The fact that you take other peoples best interests into consideration just means you’re a great person!

You have learned so much throughout your life, so far. You’ve done good and bad things. You know whats right and whats wrong. You know what you can do and what you should do. You make constructive decisions based on wisdom & experience every day and you don’t even realise it.

You like to laugh a lot and sometime you still feel a little silly inside. For example, you laugh when someones spills their popcorn or when your friend is having a bad hair day and it bothers them (it’s not really a problem at all). You know that you don’t have to be 100% focused all the time. You know that you have the time to make or receive jokes. You’re not the terminator.

You have more clothes than you need! You have clothes that you feel comfortable in. You have clothes that you love wearing on special occasions. Your shoes don’t have holes in them. Understand that in this moment, you are far more fortunate than tens of millions of other people across the world. Let that sink in for a minute. Do something about it.

You’re working towards a goal. A raise. A new car. Braces for the kids, a ring, a holiday, knowledge, power whatever it may be. You may not want to work that hard to achieve your goal sometimes, but you still have at least one, and you are inevitably moving in the direction of reaching it.

You have the strength to be happy. You have a mind that bends to your will. You can be positive. and you can turn around difficult situations. You don’t have to let others tell you what you’re worth or ask for permission to be happy from anyone. You are in charge of your happiness.