Create a Shareable Maker Profile 🛠️ by Ethan (@Booligoosh) from Sydney, Australia.


It’s a shareable profile for makers that includes a list of products launched, recently completed tasks on WIP/Makerlog, stats, links to social profiles and more. You sign up, enter your info and it creates the profile for you at a lovely URL of your choosing like


What’s your motivation for creating your product?

A while ago I was hanging out in Maker’s Kitchen and one of my friends, Dinuka, had just made a #1 product of the day on Product Hunt. He had made a few other products in the past, and I thought I’d create a nice summary for him.

I posted a message with nice 🥇🥈🥉 emojis summing up how all his products had done. I realized that this actually summed his maker activity up quite well.

I started thinking of a website where you could create a profile and it would show links to your products, your activity on WIP/Makerlog, interesting stats and charts. I sat on it for a few months, but when I heard about the 24 Hour Startup Challenge I decided that it was time to make it!!

You can see the entire process of me building it in 24 hours from the first line of code to preparing for the launch to actually launching it here on YouTube.


What are your product features?

You sign up for an account then enter your usernames on different platforms such as Product Hunt, WIP, Makerlog, Twitter etc. It then creates a profile for you at a nice URL of your choosing such as You can share this around social media, put it in your Twitter bio, link to it on your website or send it to someone when they ask what you’re working on! The idea is that it’s one link to sum you up.

At the moment it just shows a list of products you’ve launched, your recent tasks on WIP/Makerlog and links to your different social profiles, because I built it in 24 hours and was short on time. We’re not allowed to make changes yet because voting hasn’t closed (by the way, vote here 😁).

But as soon as we’re allowed to keep adding features I’ll add a bunch of stuff like total number of Product Hunt upvotes across products, average number of upvotes per product, WIP/Makerlog streaks, Twitch embeds, Medium/YouTube links and more!!


When did you launch?

I launched last Sunday, November 18th, 2018.


Where did you launch?

I launched on Product Hunt and posted it on Twitter in this thread (near the end). And because I was streaming it live on Twitch, a lot of people signed up from there too.


How did your launch go?

It ended up #1 product of the day on Product Hunt! It currently has 583 upvotes, and so far 800 people have signed up!! And I’ve had 3K unique visitors to the site. I didn’t have time to monetize during the stream, but I will monetize it once we’re allowed to keep working on it by offering paid add-ons such as extra stats, being able to host your page on a custom domain and being able to embed the page on your website.


Any specific launch tips? Or things you would do differently?

I think livestreaming it all helped A LOT. Before I even launched on Product Hunt I already had 50 signups!!! This was partially due to livestreaming and partially due to tweeting my progress regularly on Twitter (thread). Twitter is a great tool to reach more people, I tweeted very often throughout the stream and also sent out tweets leading up to the stream with countdowns and bits of information about what would be.

I even had people asking me if they could reserve their profiles before I’d started making it!! If you want to see the entire process I went through, you can look through the livestream recording. I start preparing for the Product Hunt launch around here. I don’t think I’d do anything differently next time, I’m really happy with the launch!