Curated set of interviews with developers ๐Ÿ–ฅ๏ธ and makes across the world ๐ŸŒ

CoderStory by Jess Wallace (@jesswallaceuk) from London.


Whatโ€™s your motivation for creating your product?

It was motivated by the need to create more conversation in this space. As someone who has been learning to code for around 4 years, I still struggle with some of the key fundamentals of programming and always felt like I need the support of a developer to get anything done. However, we donโ€™t all have the luxury of a developer always available to help with our questions. The idea behind these interviews is to understand their approaches to learning as well as building applications, their recommendations on how to learn and the best technologies to work with and lastly their advice for developers of tomorrow.


What are your product features?

Read through the latest interviews, broken down by category – more features to come.


When did you launch?

Sunday 18th November


Where did you launch?

Twitter and Facebook as a beta with work to do.


How did your launch go?

Twitter – 33 RTs, 143 likes

Site – 1000+ Page Views, 281 Users, 731 Unique Page Views


Any specific launch tips? Or things you would do differently?

Just do it. Post about it everyone and encourage people to reach out to you about it. You have to hustle and be authentic. That’s all I really have to say!