Free email template builder for designers and developers 🎨 by Ivan Burban (@ivan_burban) from Newark.


Stripo is a drag-and-drop email template builder which also offers a pure HTML code for worldly-wise and skilled designers. 20K+ people love Stripo for automated email creation processes that save time, for embedded modern tools to build interactive emails, and for sophisticated ready-to-use templates.


What’s your motivation for creating your product?

Building an HTML email is an expensive* and hard work with no standards.

The Litmus 2018 State of Email Workflows says that the whole email creation process takes a company 25 hours and 9.6 emails are typically in production at once.

People think that they can’t create responsive email templates without HTML skills.  

That is why we created a solution, Drag-n-Drop & HTML email template editor, which helps individuals and teams reduce time on email creation on 60% and can be used by everyone without any HTML skills.


What are your product features?

1. Rich ESP integration. Create templates in Stripo, export in 1click to your ESP and email clients (including Mailchimp, Campaign Monitor, SendGrid, Braze, Outlook, Gmail, etc.) or export to HTML archive with pure code. Create in Stripo and send anywhere!

2. The personal library of blocks. For example, you can create your countdown timer or social networks blocks, save them to the personal library and drag them in when you need it.

3. The banner block to design sophisticated banners with copy over them without any photo editors;

4. 270 pre-designed email templates, divided into categories. All you have to do is choose the one you like, customize it in accordance with your website design. Export to the ESP you use.


When did you launch?

We launched it on Tuesday, the 16th of October.


Where did you launch?

Product Hunt

Beta list


How did your launch go?

– 619 Upvotes on PH

– 2000+ unique visitors to

– more than 100 registrations

– 50 reviews on Product Hunt


Any specific launch tips? Or things you would do differently?

– Don’t waste your time looking for a hunter. Launch by yourselves

– Use the “Ask” section from the launch day. Here’s an example:


– Make the acquaintance of the collections’ owners beforehand. May they add you to their collection on the launch date