Notification bot 🤖 for Product Hunt projects in Telegram 📲

Trackly by Nikolay Siabrenko (@sybrikN) from Ukraine


What’s your motivation for creating your product?

When I started building something at first I was thinking about how this project could make life easier for someone, money in the background(I think it’s my problem😊)

I started building Trackly because when I launched my first project, I refresh the page every 3-4 minutes for seeing new upvotes, it was a little strained. I think I’m not the first to feel this problem.

This project nonprofit for me, just building for fun in the challenge.


What are your product features?

Trackly – it’s Telegram bot🤖 which can send notifications about new upvotes and comments on any project from Product Hunt which you subscribe.

Just send a link to the project on PH and bot start track it for you. Also, you can watch stats about projects which you subscribe without visit Product Hunt.


When did you launch?



Where did you launch?

Product Hunt 


How did your launch go?

In the first day after launch I had:

1. 67 upvotes on Product Hunt

2. 50 registered users

3. 30 users track 43 projects with Trackly


Any specific launch tips? Or things you would do differently?

Tips before and after launch:

1. Build community. No matter how cool and useful your product will be, how do people find out about him?

Just start from Tweeting about your developing progress, writing articles about the problem and how your product will solve it.

2. Do the MVP of your product quickly. Do not spend on developing MVP for more than two weeks, otherwise, you may waste time. Test your ideas fast 🚀

3. Don’t expect much from Product Hunt. This is only the first step in your journey.

4. Keep in touch with users. Send weekly emails about project updates, because people can forget about you.