Remove clutter and get directly to the content you love ❤️ by Valentino Urbano (@valentinourbano) from Milan, Italy.


What’s your motivation for creating your product?

I was creating offline bookmarks manually for months by saving the HTML of the page. The problem is that when I need to get back to them to check something out they were all full of ads, headers, footers. So much clutter just to read an article. I needed something to get just the page in a text file. Markdown would be perfect for this!

Since I wanted to launch it for the 24 hours startup challenge I had to keep the scope limited to something I could build in such limited timeframe.

I started brainstorming openly on my website and marking features as mandatory and optional. Once Saturday rolled around I jumped on Twitch and build it completely in the open while documenting the process, live tweeting and live streaming both building and launching it.


What are your product features?

REST API to convert any article into markdown while stripping unwanted tags.


When did you launch?

Sunday, November 20th at almost 2 AM.


Where did you launch?

24 Hour Startup

I still haven’t launched on Product Hunt or blogs, because I feel like I need to add some more polishing. Going to probably launch it on PH sometime next week.


How did your launch go?

– I launched it at 2 AM and went to sleep. The next morning it already had 1000 visits.
– 10 registered users
– 600 Twitch views
– No paid customer yet


Any specific launch tips? Or things you would do differently?

Building completely in the open is great: Motivation and Accountability.

You commit to something and can’t hide back: – Getting Help. A lot of people contacted me and helped with both branding and monetization tips and the product is better as a result: Getting Support.

After talking and streaming for 13+ hours I was tired, but I was almost there. Pat Walls joined the stream and gave me the last push I needed to ship.What I found hard instead is finding the right pricing point. The free plan that can’t be too greedy or your users won’t be able to appreciate your product fully, but it also can’t give too much away or no one will subscribe to your paid plan. If you have no idea on how to price try looking at competition and their pricing structure and take it as a guideline.