Stay on top of your meetings with this agenda 📅 timer ⏳

Timeblocks by Joshua Tabansi (@joshtabansi) from Lagos, Nigeria


What’s your motivation for creating your product?

Timeblocks allows you to create a structured agenda with time allotted for each time block. This setup allows you to be mindful of talking points and stop tangents in their tracks. Saving your team money on crucial working hours.


What are your product features?

I hate meetings. You probably do too. Not only are they usually unnecessary, but they are also almost always taking twice as long as they need to. I’m pretty time conscious,  always aware of the amount of money lost with every hour wasted.

When I sit through meetings like this, it becomes apparent that we are simply not being held accountable for respecting time. People go on tangents, bring up issues that aren’t on the agenda, or just go on about unnecessary details. We’re human, it happens.

But we also have important work to do. So I wrote down the idea for Timeblocks. Then the 24hrstartup came along months later where we had to livestream and build something in 24 hours, and I figured I could use it as an excuse to build Timeblocks.

I hopped on twitch and and was finished after live-streaming for 12 straight hours.  And here we are!

Structured agenda time blocks with allotted minutes, playback controls, sound notifications, rolling timers


When did you launch?

I launched on Sunday Nov 18, after my completing the #24hrstartup challenge.


Where did you launch?

Product Hunt 

24 Hour Startup


How did your launch go?

312 upvotes & 1365 people actually used the product.


Any specific launch tips? Or things you would do differently?

I wish I shared progress more as I was going, would have helped to build more hype and momentum by tweeting screenshots of progress. Twitch live-streaming is also a great way to build a following before launch.

Timeblocks is free for now, so there’s no better offer really 😁